The Education Committee's Rich Piligian giving a scholarship to the 2017 recipient

Each year, the club sponsors scholarships for two college students in an earth sciences field in the amount of $1,500 each: The Nathan C. Martin Scholarship. The scholarship committee accepts applications every spring and decides on and presents the awards before the end of the spring semester.

The Boston Mineral Club (a 501(c)(3) Educational Organization) was founded in 1936 to “promote the study and collecting of rocks and minerals, encourage friendly cooperation among mineralogists and collectors, and promote the study of mineralogy and related arts and sciences coming within the purview of earth sciences.” And these scholarships are awarded to further these goals.

The Nathan C. Martin Memorial Scholarship is named for a dedicated BMC member who belonged to the club for decades, during which he served in various club offices, such as club Secretary, Auction Coordinator, and, for a number of years, club President. He left us for the great tailings pile in the sky in the middle of his last year as President, at a time when it seemed he was single-handedly keeping the club together. Encouraging young geologists in this way serves as a tribute to Nate’s dedication.

A BMC scholarship recipient


To apply for the Nathan C. Martin Memorial Scholarship, fill out the application and email it to


For those wishing to donate to the scholarship fund, please make a check out to The Boston Mineral Club, with “Nathan C. Martin Memorial Scholarship” as the note. Mail your check to Steve Gerome, Boston Mineral Club, 7 Holland St., Saugus, MA 01906.

Alternatively, you can donate online with a credit card or a PayPal account using the button below: