Here, you can sign up for, or renew, a Boston Mineral Club Individual Membership!

Just choose your payment option, make your payment, and fill out and submit the membership form below. We will enter your information into the membership database and let you know when your account is activated and you can log in.

Here are the instructions for each type of payment—please read the instructions before making your payment:

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Individual Membership Form

Enter your email address twice to ensure it’s correct.
Provide your street name and number and, if applicable, your apartment, condo, or suite number.
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Please select how you paid for this membership before you filled out this form (or how you will pay, if paying by check).
If you paid by credit card, debit card, or PayPal, then the payment processor (PayPal) sent you an email receipt. In that email, look for “Your Transaction ID,” copy the number (numerals and letters) they provided, and paste it here.
As a condition of membership, and in consideration of the valuable mineral collecting and other educational opportunities available to me as a club member, by checking this box I hereby agree to hold the Club and its officers, Directors, committee members and agents harmless, and to indemnify them against any loss and claims arising from my or my family’s participation in Club activities.